Currently-Supported DDL and Insert Commands

See this sample script for examples of exact syntax.

  • Create Table
  • Create Trio Table
  • Create Index
  • Drop Table
    • Including “Cascade” option to drop derived tables
  • Drop Index
  • Insert Into T Values <data>
    • With or without alternatives, confidence values, and ?
    • T must be a base table
  • Insert Into T <TriQL query>
    • T must be a base table

Currently-Supported Subset of TriQL Query Language

See the TriQL Language Manual for syntax, descriptions, and examples. Example queries can also be seen in the Samples tab.

  • Select-Project-Join queries
  • Create Table T as <query>
  • Select Distinct
  • Aggregate functions: low, high, and expected for five standard aggregates
  • Order By, including by Confidences
    • Limitation: may not be combined with Distinct or GroupAlts
    • Limitation: Order By Confidences may not be combined with Merged
  • Union, Intersect, or Except of two subqueries (duplicate-eliminating)
  • Union All of two subqueries
  • Merged, Flatten, and GroupAlts
  • Horizontal subqueries in Where clause
    • Including shortcuts and aggregation/group-by/having
  • Horizontal subqueries in Select clause
    • Including shortcuts and aggregation but not group-by/having
  • Conf() function with any number of tables or Conf(*)
    • except for Conf(*) in the Select clause in conjunction with Distinct or Merged
  • Maybe() predicate
  • Extraneous() predicate
  • “Uniform <table-name>” in From clause
  • “as conf” for query-defined result confidence values
    • Including “Uniform as conf” and “Scaled as conf”
  • “Compute Confidences” at end of query
  • Lineage() predicate
    • Not in horizontal subqueries
    • “=⇒” abbreviation allowed
  • NoLineage, NoConf, and NoMaybe
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