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UC Santa Cruz

* (Alkis) DBNotes: A Post-It System for Relational Databases based on Provenance (SIGMOD 2005) – Laura Chiticariu, Wang-Chiew Tan, Gaurav Vijayvargiya

Penn (& Edinburgh)

* (Aditya) Provenance Management in Curated Databases (SIGMOD 2006) – Peter Buneman, Adriane Chapman, James Cheney

* (Parag) Provenance Semirings (PODS 2007) – Todd J. Green, Grigoris Karvounarakis, Val Tannen

* (Parag - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Update Exchange with Mappings and Provenance (VLDB 2007) – Todd Green, Grigoris Karvounarakis, Zachary Ives, Val Tannen

* (Raghu) Querying and Managing Provenance through User Views in Scientific Workflows (ICDE 2008) – Biton Olivier, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Susan Davidson, Carmem Hara

* (Parag - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Annotated XML: Queries and Provenance (PODS 2008) – Nate Foster, T.J. Green, Val Tannen

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Provenance and Scientific Workflows: Challenges and Opportunities (tutorial, SIGMOD 2008) – Susan Davidson and Juliana Freire

* (Raghu) Differencing Provenance in Scientific Workflows (ICDE 2009) – Zhuowei Bao, Sarah Cohen-Boulakia, Susan Davidson, Anat Eyal, Sanjeev Khanna (+ related VLDB demo)

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Detecting and Resolving Unsound Workflow Views for Provenance Preservation (SIGMOD 2009) – Peng Sun, Ziyang Liu, Susan Davidson, Yi Chen

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) WOLVES: Achieving Correct Provenance Analysis by Detecting and Resolving Unsound Workflow Views (demo, VLDB 2009) – Peng Sun, Ziyang Liu, Sivaramakrishnan Natarajan, Susan Davidson, Yi Chen

* (Aditya - NEED SUMMARY) Efficient Querying and Maintenance of Network Provenance at Internet-Scale – Zhou, Sherr, Tao, Li, Loo, Mao (SIGMOD 2010)

* (Parag - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Querying Data Provenance – Karvounarakis and Ives (SIGMOD 2010)

ETH Zurich

* (Hyunjung) Efficient Lineage Tracking For Scientific Workflows (SIGMOD 2008) – Thomas Heinis, Gustavo Alonso

* (Hyunjung) Perm: Processing provenance and data on the same data model through query rewriting (ICDE 2009) – Boris Glavic, Gustavo Alonso (+ related EDBT paper + related SIGMOD demo)

University of Washington

* (Abhijeet) Approximate Lineage For Probabilistic Databases (VLDB 2008) – Chris Re, Dan Suciu

* (Abhijeet) Believe It or Not: Adding Belief Annotations to Databases (VLDB 2009) – Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Magdalena Balazinska, Nodira Khoussainova, Dan Suciu

University of Michigan

* (Abhijeet) Efficient Provenance Storage (SIGMOD 2008) – Adriane Chapman, H.V. Jagadish, Prakash Ramanan

* (Alkis - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Why not? (SIGMOD 2009) – Adriane Chapman, H.V. Jagadish

UC Davis

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Efficient Provenance Storage over Nested Data Collections EDBT 2009 - Manish Kumar Anand, Shawn Bowers, Timothy McPhillips, Bertram Ludäscher.

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Provenance Browser: Displaying and Querying Scientific Workflow Provenance Graphs ICDE 2010 - Manish Kumar Anand, Shawn Bowers, Bertram Ludascher

* (Raghu - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Techniques for Efficiently Querying Scientific Workflow Provenance Graphs EDBT 2010 - Manish Kumar Anand, Shawn Bowers, Ber tram Ludäscher


* (Anish - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) PROBER: AdHoc Debugging of Extraction and Integration Pipelines - Anish Das Sarma, Alpa Jain, Philip Bohannon


* (Robert) Fine-grained and efficient lineage querying of collection-based workflow provenance - Paolo Missier, Norman W. Paton, Khalid Belhajjame

Misc. Papers in SIGMOD/VLDB/ICDE 2005-2010

* (Semih) - Tracing Lineage Beyond Relational Operators (VLDB 2007) – Mingwu Zhang, Xiangyu Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Sunil Prabhakar (Purdue)

* (Alkis - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) On the Provenance of Non-Answers to Queries over Extracted Data (VLDB 2008) – Jiansheng Huang, Ting Chen, AnHai Doan, Jeffrey Naughton

* (Abhijeet - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) On the Efficiency of Provenance Queries (ICDE 2009) – Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Min Wang

Misc. Papers in IPAW/TAPP

* (Robert) An Identity Crisis in the Life Sciences (IPAW 2006) – Jun Zhao, Carole Goble, and Robert Stevens

* (Robert) Provenance Collection Support in the Kepler Scientific Workflow System (IPAW 2006) – Ilkay Altintas, Oscar Barney, Efrat Jaeger-Frank

* (Robert) Data lineage model for Taverna workflows with lightweight annotation requirements (IPAW 2008) – Paolo Missier, Khalid Belhajjame, Jun Zhao, and Carole Goble

* (Robert) A Framework for Fine-grained Data Integration and Curation, with Provenance, in a Dataspace (TAPP 2009) – David W. Archer, Lois M.L. Delcambre, and David Maier, Portland State University

Older Papers

* (Abhijeet) A Polygen Model for Heterogeneous Database Systems: The Source Tagging Perspective (VLDB 1990) – Wang and Madnick

* (Hyunjung - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Supporting Fine-Grained Data Lineage in a Database Visualization Environment (ICDE 1997) – Allison Woodruff and Michael Stonebraker, UC Berkeley

Stanford Papers

* (Jennifer) Tracing the lineage of view data in a warehousing environment (TODS 2000) – Cui, Widom, Weiner

* (Jennifer) Lineage tracing for general data warehouse transformations (VLDB Journal 2003) – Cui and Widom

Open Provenance Model and Provenance Challenge

* (Robert) The Open Provenance Model (v1.01) (Technical Report, University of Southampton 2008) – Moreau et al.

* (Hyunjung) Provenance Challenge


* (Parag - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Lineage retrieval for scientific data processing: a survey (ACM Computing Surveys 37, 1 (2005), 1–28) – Bose and Frew

* (Parag - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) A survey of data provenance in e-science. (SIGMOD Rec. 34, 3 (2005), 31–36.) – Simmhan, Plale, Gannon

* (Robert) Data Lineage: A Survey (Stanford Qual), 2009 – R. Ikeda

* (Abhijeet - NEED LINK AND SUMMARY) Provenance in Databases: Why, How, and Where (Foundations and Trends in Databases 2009) – Cheney, Chiticariu, Tan

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